Credit unions understand the value of agriculture to Alberta and to Albertans.

Ag businesses can be found in all the communities we operate in, both rural and urban. And we know how hard it is for anyone to build or grow an ag business – but it can be especially challenging for women due to insufficient access to capital and financing.

That’s why Credit Unions of Alberta is proud to offer the Women in Ag Grant for 2024!

This Grant provides an opportunity for Alberta-based women who are currently working in or planning to work in the agriculture industry to apply for funding, with two grants of $10,000 awarded to two individuals or businesses. Please note that only the first 150 applications will be accepted, so apply as early as possible!

2023 Winners

Lynn Dargis, Farmbucks Inc.

Lynn is the owner and operator of Dargis Seed and Feed, a farm located near Bonnyville and the CEO and founder of Farmbucks, an online grain pricing discovering platform. She developed Farmbucks to support farmers trying to sell grain on tight timelines while still managing the day-to-day work of growing and maintaining crops. It works by aggregating and sorting grain bids via an easy to use phone app. She will use the grant funds to build her own API (Application Programming Interface) for Farmbucks to ensure the app can expand and better integrate with other farm management platforms. She envisions a modernized future for the industry that embraces technology, but also supports women as leaders in the industry.

Lynn is a member of Lakeland Credit Union.

Lynn Dargis, Farmbucks Inc.
Laurel Thompson, Thompson Farm

Laurel runs Thompson Farm in partnership with her husband Duncan, growing canola and small cereal grains and managing commercial cows. Laurel, who has a Masters in Science with a background in crop science, is involved in all aspects of the farm while raising two young children, aged one and three. She hopes to use the grant funds to pursue targeted breeding and artificial insemination technology for her commercial cow herd in order to lower breeding costs. She envisions a future where women can take more of a leading role in agriculture and the path for women to enter – and stay – in the industry is a bit easier and more inviting.

Laurel is a member of Vermilion Credit Union.

Laurel Thompson, Thompson Farm 

The Women in Ag Grant is brought to you by Credit Unions of Alberta and Alberta Central.
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