Be ready for
all of life

No matter what stage of life you are at, credit unions will help you be ready with the products and services, trusted advice and digital tools you need.

Family Life

How to get a line of credit from a credit union

Sometimes the unexpected happens and sudden costs come up that are outside your monthly budget. When you need a little extra cash, consider adding a line of credit from 1st Choice Savings and Credit Union to your family’s financial toolkit.

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Business life

How to start a business with a credit union

If you want to move your business from a plan to a money-making endeavour, you need a plan. Starting a business is a big task, and one that requires financial expertise, so that’s why a Alberta credit union is a great resource to help you make your dreams a reality!

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Family Life

Common types of credit union accounts

Credit unions offer the same wide range of accounts, products and services as other financial institutions. And in many cases, we offer lower fees and better interest rates than our competitors. Read on for some of the common types.

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Credit Unions of Alberta

You can find credit unions in communities large and small across Alberta – learn more about who we are by clicking on a credit union below.