How to apply

Applications for 2024 are now open! Apply before June 28th or 150 applicants are received, whichever comes first.

To apply, all you need to do is complete the online application form below once it goes live on the first day of the grant application period. Please be advised that you will need to complete and submit your application in one session, so we suggest preparing your submission in a separate document before filling out the online form. Below please find the questions to help you prepare.

New for 2024: winners will not only receive the $10,000 grant but will also each receive a ticket to attend the 2025 Advancing Women in Agriculture West Conference, taking place March 2025 (learn more about this conference here).

Please note for 2024 only the first 150 applicants will be accepted, so apply early!

If you have any issues submitting the form, please reach out to

Application Form Questions:

Submissions for the Women in Ag Grant must include responses to the questions as outlined below.

The application form will also capture applicant identifying information, business details (where applicable) and other relevant details identified under the Rules + Regulations here (this may also include submission of supporting documentation where required).

      1. Explain your current role in the agriculture industry and a typical “day-in-the-life” in your current role. If you do not currently work in agriculture, please explain what facet of agriculture you intend to pursue and what an expected “day-in-the-life” would look like in this projected role.
        (Worth 10 points)
      2. What inspired, or continues to inspire, you to pursue a career in agriculture?
        (Worth 20 points)
      3. What are some of the most pressing issues facing women in agriculture today and how can the broader agricultural community work to address these challenges? How do you see yourself contributing to this effort?
        (Worth 20 points)
      4. Describe your vision for the future of agriculture and how your current or proposed business will work towards this vision.
        (Worth 20 points)
      5. What does sustainability in agriculture mean to you and how are you currently or planning to make agriculture more sustainable?
        (Worth 20 points)
      6. Describe your plans for utilizing the $10,000 grant to advance your existing or prospective agricultural business or vision, outlining the tangible outcomes the grant would generate for your venture.
        (Worth 10 points)

Please note that applications will also be reviewed on overall completeness. Applicants are encouraged to include any supplementary assets that help to share their story, outline their business operations/plans or demonstrate their passion. Applications will be shortlisted and reviewed by a judging panel using a pre-determined scoring rubric.

Application Form

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Your Name
To verify proof of existing business if applying as a sole proprietor, partnership, corporation or current employee.

Application Questions

300 to 600 words, worth 10 points
300 to 600 words, worth 20 points.
300 to 600 words, worth 20 points.
300 to 600 words, worth 20 points.
300 to 600 words, worth 20 points.
300 to 600 words, worth 10 points.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
Attach any supporting visuals or assets such as your logo, marketing materials, business images, sales kit, etc. that help tell your story. If applying on behalf of a business idea you must submit your business plan documents as well. Max file size is 40 MB and number of file uploads is 5. You must wait until files are uploaded before clicking submit. Alternately you can email attachments to
Where did you hear about the Women in Ag grant?
Are you currently a credit union member?
Declaration of Understanding Eligibility Requirements
I have read and understood the eligibility requirements as set out in the Rules + Regulations and certify that I meet the applicant eligibility requirements and, in the event I am applying on behalf of an existing business, my business meets the business criteria requirements (as set out in the Rules + Regulations), and that I/my business is not otherwise excluded from the eligibility requirements. I declare that all information provided in this application is true, complete and accurate, and I have not knowingly made any false or misleading statement or failed to disclose information. I understand that the information provided in this application is subject to review and audit. Consequences for providing false or misleading information include, but are not limited to, repayment of grant funds.
Consent to Disclose Personal/Business Information
I, personally and on behalf of my business, acknowledge and agree that: • I have reviewed the application, the Rules + Regulations, and the above information and understand how Alberta Central will use my personal and/or business information. • I have full authority to bind myself and/or my business to these terms and conditions. • I am giving my informed consent to the collection, usage, and disclosure of my personal and/or business information. • Alberta Central can collect, use, and disclose my personal and business information as set out in the application. • I irrevocably grant to Alberta Central, and those acting with its authority, the unrestricted, perpetual, worldwide right and license to use my personal and business name, address, website, social media handles, photograph, likeness, voice, biographical and personal background information and statements, including without limitation any notes, photograph, film, video, or audio that may be taken of me or of such materials (collectively, the “Content”), without further notice to me or to any third party, and to reproduce, copy, modify, create derivative works of, display, perform, exhibit, distribute, transmit or broadcast, publicly or otherwise, or otherwise use and permit to be used the Content in any format or medium (including but not limited to any format of any computer based, Internet based, or electronic media) in connection with Alberta Central’s general advertising, promotion, publicity, and other business activities or materials. • I consent to receiving electronic messages, commercial or otherwise, from Alberta Central. At any time, I may contact Alberta Central to stop receiving such electronic messages. • If a new purpose arises for the use or disclosure of my personal and business information, Alberta Central will seek my approval in advance.
Consent to be Contacted by a Credit Union
I consent to be contacted by agriculture advisor from a credit union in my area for a follow-up conversation. Please note that consenting to be contacted will not impact the outcome of the grant process and is completely optional.

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