Rules + Regulations

The Women in Ag Grant, presented by Credit Unions of Alberta and Alberta Central, provides an opportunity for Alberta-based women who are currently working in, or planning to work in, the agriculture industry to apply for funding to put towards their ag business’ financial future. Two Grants of $10,000 will be awarded to two individuals or businesses. Please note that for 2024, only the first 150 applicants will be accepted following the grant opening date. We encourage all applicants to apply as early as possible.

Applications are now open close on June 28, or when 150 complete applications are received. 

For full Grant details, review the overview page here. Outlined below you will find Grant rules and regulations, including eligibility criteria and conditions of acceptance. For FAQs, review the page here. To apply, complete the application form here.

Eligibility Criteria

All applicants must be:

  • Legal residents of Alberta.
  • At least 18 years of age (at the time of entry).
  • Women who currently work or are planning to work in agriculture (see FAQs for definitions).
  • Able to provide government-issued ID (as part of the shortlisting process).
  • Able to show proof of their existing Alberta-based agriculture business as part of their application, or demonstrate that they have a business plan for a future Alberta-based agriculture business (this proof may include a business number, business plan or other documentation as required).

Business Criteria

If you are applying on behalf of an existing agriculture business, your business must be:

  • Based in Alberta;
  • Currently active, lawful, and have all necessary and required licenses and registrations;
  • In good standing with the requirements of applicable legislation as of the date of submission and must remain so through the end of the notification period;
  • In continuous operations for not less than one year as of January 1, 2024 (or, if less than one year, provide a two-page business plan detailing the items outlined below); and
  • Include a woman (who is also the applicant) as a sole proprietor, member of a partnership, the beneficial owner holding 35% ownership or more, or a director/officer of a corporation, or who is a employee of an agriculture-related business.
    • Applicants who are an employee in a current ag-related business must provide a document outlining the business name, their role, the name and contact information for their direct manager and relation to company ownership (if applicable).

If you are applying on behalf of a planned agriculture business, you must provide:

  • A two-page business plan detailing (but not limited to) the following:
    • Your target market (demographics, purchasing behaviour, etc.).
    • Marketing strategy.
    • Two-year projections including projected revenue and detailed expenses.
    • Any other relevant information.


The following are not eligible for the Women in Ag Grant:

  • Business owner, employee or an investor in the business is a previous or current employee of Alberta Central, any co-operatives under Alberta Central or any joint ventures of Alberta Central;
  • Business is in any way affiliated with a credit union as a vendor or supplier;
  • Primary purpose of the business is in competition with Alberta Central or any co-operatives under Alberta Central;
  • Business or business owner that has a criminal record or is listed on any Canadian or United Nations sanction list;
  • Business or business owner that is under bankruptcy protection or has judicial liens or attachments; and
  • Business or business owner that has previously won an Alberta Central Grant (including the Women in Ag Grant, Big Future Innovation Grant, Future Leader of Alberta Scholarship and/or other Grants).

Conditions of Acceptance

Successful recipients of the Women in Ag Grant will be required to submit a photo and/or video and a brief written response as to what it means to receive the Grant that will be shared on Alberta Central’s internal and external digital properties and social media channels.

Successful recipients will also need an Alberta credit union account and will be required to sign an agreement affirming compliance with these Rules + Regulations and consenting to the disclosure of their personal information to Alberta Central in order to be granted funds.

Funds will only be issued to an existing or new Alberta credit union account. Successful recipients may also be required to securely share their Social Insurance Number for tax purposes before funds will be issued.

Ready to apply? Find the application form linked below under How to Apply.

The Women in Ag Grant is brought to you by Credit Unions of Alberta and Alberta Central.
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