How to apply

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To apply, all you need to do is complete the online application form below once it goes live on the first day of the scholarship application period. Please be advised that you will need to complete and submit your application in one session, so we suggest preparing your submission in a separate document before filling out the online form. Below please find the questions to help you prepare.

Please note for 2024 only the first 50 applicants will be accepted, so apply early!

If you have any issues submitting the form, please reach out to

Application Form Questions:

Submissions for the Future Leader of Alberta Scholarship must include responses to the questions as outlined below.

The application form will also capture applicant identifying information, post-secondary institution details and other relevant details identified under the Rules + Regulations here (this may also include submission of supporting documentation where required).

      1. Explain the goal of your current or future post-secondary studies, including outlining what you are studying and why you picked this field or focus area?
        (Worth 10 points)
      2. What are you hoping to achieve when you have completed your post-secondary studies and why do you think you will be successful?
        (Worth 20 points)
      3. As a “future leader” of Alberta, how have you demonstrated leadership in the past? Please provide an example of how you demonstrated leadership at school or at home or as a member of your community. What was the outcome of your leadership and how did it make you feel to act as a leader?
        (Worth 30 points)
      4. A primary focus of credit unions is supporting the communities they operate in, either through donations, sponsorships or with volunteer hours at local organizations. Please provide an example of how you have given back to your community, either by volunteering your time, raising funds or providing expertise or services to a local group. Include what the community support involved and the outcome or impact your support had on your community?
        (Worth 40 points)

Please note that applications will also be reviewed on overall completeness, as well as the storytelling used and passion conveyed. Applications will be shortlisted and reviewed by a internal judging panel using a pre-determined scoring rubric.

The Future Leader of Alberta Scholarship is brought to you by Credit Unions of Alberta and Alberta Central.
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