When you join a credit union, you aren’t just another number. You’re a member and an owner with an equal voice and vote for what’s best for your credit union. That means you get the same services you’re used to with other financial institutions while being part of something bigger.

More money in your pocket.

When a credit union makes a profit, we share it back with members in the form of annual returns. In 2020, $80 million was shared back with members through patronage and share dividends.

And to top it off, credit unions offer many accounts with low or no fees which means you can be in charge of your money instead of getting charged for it.

Sound financial advice.

Credit unions offer personalized financial advice with your best interests in mind, rather than the bottom line.

Because credit union members are also owners, we put you first in all that we do. We won’t sell you products you don’t need and we’re there to listen, answer your questions and help you make your financial dreams a reality.

Access your money anywhere.

There are credit unions located across Alberta in big cities, small towns and everywhere in between. With nearly 200 branches and more than 270 ATMs, there’s a credit union near you.

And credit unions offer online and mobile banking services so you can bank wherever and whenever you want.

Award-winning service.

When it comes to customer service, credit unions have taken the top spot for 17 years as part of the Ipsos Best Banking Awards.

That means when you bank with a credit union, you’re banking with real people in real communities, helping you achieve your real-life goals. As a member, you’re treated as a person, not a number.

Fast, easy and safe.

Credit unions offer all the mobile apps and online banking tools that you need to access your money quickly and easily, no matter where you are in Alberta (or around the world).

Credit unions are always exploring innovative solutions to make the customer experience better, such as new branch experiences, unique online resources, loyalty apps and everything in between.

Your money goes further.

With a credit union, your money can go further – not just because of profit-sharing – but because we meet all your financial needs with great investment products, retirement savings plans, credit and loan options and more.

With competitive rates, low fees and friendly financial advice, credit unions will work to make your money go the extra mile.

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