Credit unions are people-focused organizations that offer the same products and services as other financial institutions. But instead of being just another customer, with a credit union, you’re a member and an owner.

The products and services you need.

Credit unions are financial institutions that offer a variety of products and services, from savings and chequing accounts to mortgages, loans, investments and wealth management services. We also offer the same access to branches, an extensive national network of surcharge-free ATMs, online banking and mobile apps.

And when you bank with a credit union – no matter if you have one chequing account or multiple products – you get money back every year through profit-sharing in the form of patronage and share dividends.

All about innovation.

Credit unions have been leaders in financial innovation for decades, delivering many new products and services before banks. Credit unions were the first to offer fully functional online banking, mobile cheque deposits, mobile pay and ATMs. To learn more about our long history of innovation, check out our innovation timeline here.

And credit unions continue to be all about innovation to make the member experience better, investing in everything from online account opening to new products and services.

100% deposit guarantee.

Credit union deposits are subject to a deposit insurance regime that offers a 100% deposit guarantee through the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Alberta.

That means the money you put in, and the interest earned, is safe and secure up to any dollar amount without limits or restrictions, unlike most banks.

The Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation guarantees the repayment of all deposits with Alberta credit unions, including accrued interest. Additionally, the Credit Union Act provides that the Government of Alberta will ensure that this obligation of the Corporation is carried out.

We give back.

In 2020, Alberta credit unions contributed more than $4 million to their communities in the form of donations, financial services for community organizations, sponsorships and scholarships and bursaries. Click here to see our community impact stats.

And through the Each One Teach One program, credit union employees learn to teach financial literacy to their community. Financial basics are delivered in plain language — in schools, church basements community centres or online — meeting people where they are when they need information. In 2020, credit unions delivered 17 financial literacy sessions to 319 Albertans.


Credit unions are financial institutions that offer unique benefits and a business model that’s focused on what’s best for you, at any stage of life.

Whether you’re a student, starting a business, buying a home or gearing down for retirement, credit unions offer competitive rates, low fees and innovative digital banking solutions.

Escape fee gouging.

Credit unions offer competitive low fee options for members and never fee gouge.

We offer a huge network of surcharge-free ATMs coast-to-coast as a part of the ding free network. To learn more about ding free, visit

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