You may be used to one way of dealing with your money, maybe for as long as you can remember. So the idea of changing your financial institution may seem daunting. Lucky for you, it only takes a small step to be part of something much bigger when you join a credit union.

Joining is easy and fast.

Becoming a credit union member is as simple as opening an account and purchasing common shares for a small, one-time fee. It can take less than five minutes in a branch or online.

Most credit unions are open to anyone and credit unions already serve more than 615,000 Albertans.

We’re in your neighbourhood.

With nearly 200 branches and more than 270 ATMs, you can bet there’s a credit union near you. From Airdrie to Edmonton and Grand Prairie to Whitecourt, we’re in urban and rural communities across Alberta.

And with convenient online banking options, you don’t need a branch nearby to open an account, transfer funds, pay bills or more.

Ready to find your local credit union?