Credit unions operate with the same services as most financial institutions, yet are different for very important reasons.

Credit unions are owned by our members, each with an equal say in how we operate. Members have a voice and a vote, no matter how large or small their stake. We support not only each other but also our communities through annual profit shares. We are principled organizations made of like-minded people who know right from wrong.

And if that sounds good to you, that means you share the same beliefs.
That means a credit union is for you.

Credit unions are financial institutions that offer a variety of products and services, serve millions of Canadians and are open to anyone. But unlike other financial institutions where you are just another number, with a credit union, you are a member and an owner.

Credit union customers are members and owners. As people-focused organizations, we give great financial advice with your best interests in mind. And when a credit union makes a profit, we share it back with our members in the form of annual returns.

Becoming a credit union member is as simple as opening an account and purchasing common shares for a small, one-time fee. Once you’re a member, you get a say in how your credit union does business, including how your credit union invests in your community.

“The people that we engage with understand what we’re doing and want to be involved – not just lend us money.”

Andrew K.

Business owner and Servus Credit Union member

“Much like many small businesses, you get that personal service and that one-on-one. You’re not just a number.”

Bryan B.

Business owner and Servus Credit Union member